Why should I have a CPA prepare my taxes?

Tax rules have gotten both simpler (in some ways) and more complicated (in many ways) over the past few years.  As a tax CPA, I make it my business to stay on top of the most recent changes.  A CPA is especially valuable if you own a small business, own one or more rental properties, or have an ownership interest in a pass-through entity such as a partnership, an S-Corporation, or a trust.  CPAs have a fiduciary duty to their clients, meaning you can count on a CPA to put your interests first.

I feel like my last preparer never explained things clearly.  Can I ask questions?

At Ayer Tax and Accounting, we want to be sure you understand what is going on with your tax return.  We make sure you have a chance to get answers to your questions.  We want you have the information you need to make smart decisions about tax and retirement planning.

I just realized my elderly relative hasn’t actually filed tax returns in a while.  They’ve asked me to help them, but I don’t know where to start.

Let’s meet and figure out what is going on.  We can help you locate required documents and information.  With a valid power of attorney on file, our office can communicate directly with the IRS and request records to determine exactly where the taxpayer stands.  We can bring clients current with prior year filings.  For more complex back tax situations, we refer out to tax professionals who specialize in offer and compromise procedures, or, if needed, to a tax attorney.

I’m starting a business and I need advice on what form my business should take?

This is both a tax question and a legal question.  We can help you understand the tax advantages and disadvantages of various business structures, and the filing requirements for each.  You will also want to consult a business lawyer since there are non-tax implications of the different legal structures as well.

I’ve been keeping all of my business receipts in envelopes by category, but I think I need some kind of system.  Where do I start?

Receipts in envelopes are actually a great start! And yes, now it is time for an accounting system that tracks business assets and liabilities as well as income and expenses.  We can help you get your business accounting system set up and running in a way that generates valuable information for your business.  QuickBooks is the industry standard, but we are proficient with Xero and other products as well.

I consider myself pretty competent with QuickBooks, but I have a situation I just can’t sort out on my own.  Can you help?

Odds are, yes.  We have lots of experience with special QuickBooks situations.  We are available for one-time consultations or ongoing business support as needed.  For remote consults, we can look at QuickBooks online simultaneously or view desktop files via remote computer access.

I have a wonderful bookkeeper…I just need someone to work with him/her on year-end adjustments and prepare the tax return.

Great!  That’s what we do.  A look at your books mid-year and when any big changes are planned is also a good idea.  The better your internal accounting is, the more we’ll be able to give you timely, actionable advice.

Where are you?  I don’t see a street address on your website?

We see clients by appointment in the village of Arroyo Grande, but are set up to come to your home or place of business as well.

I don’t live anywhere near Arroyo Grande.  Can you still help me or a family member?

Absolutely.  Our firm is set up to handle remote document transfer and remote signatures.  We can conference via phone or zoom.  Email is the best way to reach us with questions.

I’m still not sure whether or not I need your help.  Can I contact your firm directly?

Sure, give us a call at (805) 817-1762 or email Katy.